This Saturday, March 26th, Patrick Davy and the Ghosts will be releasing their new EP.  The show's at Small's in Hamtramck for only 6$ you gain entry, get a copy of the EP, snack on some Slow's mac 'n' cheese and support a very worthy cause:  WOUND!  In an act of complete gallantry, Patrick has made it so proceeds go to sending Wound to Vegas for the Fall markets.  So honored!  Not to mention he put together the Spring style DVD shot by Chris Hafner over the summer!

Wound was invited to judge the new crop of designers coming out of Detroit's International Academy of Design and Technology.  Over pizza and pop, we decided who's looks would succeed on the runway.  I think the final version was amazing and gave the students so much confidence and energy to make their dreams a reality...Imagine!

Lent some looks to the fine people of Shei Magazine.  Pretty pro, for a student magazine!  Check 'em out!

Wound, designer and self-taught seamstress and pattern maker, Sarah Lapinski, has been training women in the shelter system to use industrial sewing equipment!  For her college I.D. project, Veronika Scott, designed a coat out of Tyvek and quitled nylon lining that doubles as a sleeping bag!   Check out her informative website, The Empowerment Plan.  So far, Carhartt has generously donated the sewing machines, thread, lining materials and $$$!  Tyvek also donated Tyvek!  Her work has been featured on CNN and the Discovery Channel, to name a few.  Great job, Veronika!

Wound was one of 5 fashion designers, ahem, garment makers, at the Detroit Artists Market's annual desing show.  Theme: Bath.  Check out the Resort 2011 page for the pics.

Did a one day market at Butter Projects in Royal Oak for the holidays!  'Twas fun! Thanks "Kid Sister" Allison, Kelly, Elizabeth and Jacklyn!  Spent the day knitting a scarf that is basically a blanket!

Compuware opens it's doors for a holiday pop-up shop!  With the goal to create a space for local small businesses and services to be introduced to downtown dwellers and jobbers.  With the opening of Quicken Loans bringing x amount of new blood into the city, a big deal in Detroit with it's declining industrial scene, it was awesome to be a presence!  It was a green Christmas for Wound!

Wound designer, Sarah Lapinski, sat on a panel to discuss the future and sustainability of Detroit fashion.  Hosted by 5E Gallery and moderated by local events producer, Rich Rice and amazing desinger in her own right, Fotoula Lambros, the questions really got to the real issues.  Other notables included Charles Pugh, head of Detroit City Council, head of Brand Camp University, Hajj E. Flemings, and the designers of Suum!

Johnny Knoxville came to Detroit under the sponsorship of Palladium Boots to see what he could see.  We gave him a tour of the Russell Industrial center and had him through Motor City Sewing.  Our pics made the book and movie!  See it here!  

Every year, the Russell Industrial Center holds a spectacular event known as the People's Art Fest. The parking lot and some of the studios inside become taken over by vendors in booths, dancers, spray painters, DJ's, artists, magazines, and god knows what else!! This year, WOUND is taking over quite a large space with Angela McBride of Peace Love Spandex and will keep the studio open for passerbys. A new changing room, beverages and snacks, a beautiful green showroom, and the like will be open to all. So come on by, look for some crazy swagger, hang out and have fun! We all will, and that is a promise!

City Bird, a wonderful store supporting wonderful artists, such as WOUND menswear. Check out their website, head on in to the store. Guarantee you will not leave empty handed.  At the Canfield Street Market, the streets were loaded with people as they all checked out the stores and the awesome deals. We were involved, were you?

Want a whale or a spray painted anagram shirt? Hit up wound! This s*%# is fantastic! Held at Motor City Brewery Works, the event, >T.T.T.T.T.T.< was totally awesome and quite fashionable. Still some available, hit us up for something! Also, check out the WOUND Etsy at

So  good the first time, we just had to do it all again! At Femelia Couture's spot. Keep an eye on the WOUND sites in order to know about the next one.

Join us for a day of second-hand slanging! Fashion Garage Saturday, July 10th from 11am until 10pm at the Russell Industrial Center.  In conjunction with 2 other fine lines calling Detroit home, PeaceLoveSpandex by Angela McBride and Femilia Organic Couture by Fotoula Lambros and Emily Thornhill.  More details here.  Flyer Design: Justin Steven Milsk

BRAVO! BRAVO! 2010 Destination: Fashion


Wound in the Detroit Tent with the Paxahau Boys, Graf Artist Shades, Slows, Sanders, Majestic and Jacoby's.



One Step Fashion Show @ 6:30 pm in the Paul Robeson Theater located in the Northwest Activities Center, 18100 Meyers Rd.


Free Anonymous HIV Testing


DJ PLATINUM & Femilia Organic Couture also!!!!!




Be there or be square!

Artunes on the Mountain: Organic Fashion Show, Great Tunes, Huge Fun!! 

When noone showed...we took the park over.  Spandex Nation!!!

May 22, 11am - 10pm

Get WOUNDED this 4-20 @ the 4-20 Sustainable Fashion Show. Wearing hemp is the new madness!

Come on and get some WOUND fever for spring.

So I'm havin' a partay!  Get dressy and wear your Wound!

What can I say Wound is the best! voted by readers of Real Detroit Weekly!  Many thanks.

Just like the highschool formal you ditched, only way cooler and no teachers.  Make out under the bleachers! Wear pink! Drink pink! Puke Pink!  Support MoCAD! Saturday Feb 13th.  Frankie Banks and Johnny Saco on the decks.  

Gotta support Emily and Fotoula on their 3 year!  Get your butts over to Reliv.  I hear there's going to be some sushi...

Be our fan on Facebook....We love our fans!  



Selling gear on ETSY, ya'll.  Get at it!

Started a blog.  In case people cared what it was like to be a fashion designer in Detroit.

Watch the video of the runway here!!!

Shot and Edited by Davin Brainard

Backstage photos by Nicola Kuperus

Polaroids by Ally Lindsay

Why I can't load a Vimeo file is beyond me...


Friday, December 11th

Detroit Institute of Arts: Rivera Court






**Click the images below to expand

Poet Warrior Runway

WOUND got invited to show their latest collection at the Detroit Institute of Arts. The setting: Diego Rivera Court where he painted the most amazing murals of Industry and Earth.  It was during this time that Frida had her miscarriage at Detroit Receiving and not in New York during the Rockafeller Murals as the wrongly edited movie would have you believe.


Not only were we going to destroy it on the runway, we were going to do it in the sacred halls of a world class museum in conjunction with a world class exhibit of Richard Avedon's Fashion Photography.  The first ever retrospective of this genius.  Total honor.  Breathtaking, deeply moving, historigraphical works. 


We packed the court.  In fact, WOUND brought in the biggest crowd of the year.  Too bad we weren't getting a cut of the door!


An amazing night, team and host!
Designers: Sarah Lapinski /WOUND Menswear,
Brit Moore, Jeannine Shinoda
DIA: Michael Hill, Rudy Lauerman
Co-Producer: Detroit By Design
Host: Angela Wisniewski
Runway Design: Ronit Pinto, Cristen Richard, Nat Czarling
Accessory/Shoe Design: Dominique
A/V: Davin Brainard, Sarah Lapinski
Traque Model Managment: Meghan York
Hair and Make-up: Vincent Sherk,Bashar, 
Klix Extensions, Tanner Vastine, Tanja Dedivanovich
Make up: Michael Allison , Felicia Armstrong, Emily Cook 

Special Thanks to 

Joe Posch/HUGH, Tommy Dorr, Yvonne Spampinato, and Maryanne Vermiglio of Lost and Found Vintage, George Petersmark, Ken Hornak, Jim Geary/Woodbridge Pub, Jennifer Knapp/944 Magazine, Stephen Rogenson/Glaceau Vitamin Water , Andrea Duchesneau, Larita Triplett, Amanda Gyuran, Nitasha Deogun, Megan Callewart, Nicola Kuperus, Linda Robbins/House of Chants, Just Baked Cupcakes, Iryna Zhygalkina, John Froelich/944 MagazineMY BOYS!!!! and YOU!!!!!


Video Footage by Davin Brainard.  Backstage photography by Nicola Kuperus.